A large scale exhibition of my work is scheduled for Sept 2010 at MACLA, Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latinoamericana, in San Jose during the Zero1 Biennial. MACLA has allowed me to use the exhibition to showcase (and kickstart) collaborative works with artisans—and for the first time in my art career, allow me to become a catalyst for social change through the creation of craft.
The Chiapas Project, shown below, will serve as Phase 1 of a longer-planned relationship with artisans worldwide, helping to provide dignified wages and setting up new modes of sustaining traditions—the creation of Artists Helping Artisans (AHA!).

For more information on the Chiapas Project and the creation of AHA! please see bottom "Project Info" section.

Tanya AguiƱiga

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome to Chiapas Territory of Traditions and Colors

Today marks our first week in Chiapas! We have been busy traveling to many small villages to meet artisans and to see the things that are created in each town as well as getting situated. So far we have spent time in San Cristobal (where we are based for the month), Chamula, Zinacantan and San Andres. There are sooooo many skilled artisans! They are mainly Mayan women who work in textiles. We have been spending time visiting with them, seeing the extent of their work and finding materials and other resources with which we can carry out the collaborations. We will be uploading images of the women, their work and their towns shortly-- with descriptions!
Here are some images of our long awaited arrival!
Thanks again to everyone who made this trip possible! xxTanya

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